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A request

Hey! Who pencilled me in for one raging headache? I'd like for it to be taken back please. I really have no use for it and it seems to rather be getting in the way. Thank you very much.

In other news, painting was great. We started our second painting today and for me it has been going a lot more smoothly than the first one. I'm not completely lost and bewildered this time around.

Something else that was really great was when Kamille came up at the start and handed me a bundle of brushes.
"Here," she said flipping them out towards me. "I don't use these any more and you need better brushes."
I thought it was for just the class but afterwards she told me I should keep them. How cool is that! I thanked her profusely and she just smiled and said, "Happy painting!"
I think she is paying me back for a cartoon of her on Thursday. She was delighted with it and it is now hanging on the wall with all of my other life drawing cartoons.
Anyway, I smell a bit like oil paint and linseed oil (always a sexy mix,) and am now trying to get the kids bundled up and in the tent again for the evening.

So I am happy but again, dang if'n mah head don' HURT!

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