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Well, I survived.
The aquarium was very cool. It's a bit small...more of a demo/satellite than ever. Several people are trying to spearhead getting a much larger one built (I approve,) so they are using this one to help drum up interest.
It was cool though. They had a lobster (left handed!) that was over 100 years old... some jelly fish that were helped being illuminated via a few black lights (very cool,) and a large pool that had several rays and star fisn and a tomato clown fish (more red than orange with only one white stripe.) You could touch the rays and sea cucumbers and starfish. Very fun. S was much more gung ho about the whole thing than O and I enjoyed the baffled looks from the teenage workers who really didn't know any answers to the question S was posing to them. Again, I enjoyed it immensely.

We also watched a show from the BBQ in the theater on coral reefs. I did not know that parrot fish ate coral along with the rock, simply taking big bites out of the reef and then watching them poop out fine white dust that is part of highly prized beaches. Again...who knew? ;)

O was a bit hungry so we made a pit stop at McDs. (I know, I know, after seeing Supersize Me, I never wanted to eat fast food ever again) but I also know that my sister takes them there every so often and I knew what was always ordered for them, so no nagging the aunt here!)

We poked our heads into the movie theater since we were so close and I told Dick hello. He brought out S a mini Harry Potter poster. S had no idea who Harry Potter was. He also brought O som Donkey ears from Shrek. She didn't want them but S did. Dick was surprised. Kids always want stuff. He hadn't ever met any that looked politely at what was being offered and then saying, "No thank you." WOW.

Another quick stop at Galyans (sigh...) and we watched a kid about S's age go on the climbing wall. He did pretty well.

A stop at my work so the kids could use the potty and I hooked them up with some fruit juice and then, hooray, hooray...back to Grandma and Grandpa!

Now they are drawing upstairs on the deck and mom and I are getting set up to make GLOW IN THE DARK CHALK. Yes. Yes we rule.

And I'm exhausted and will soon be going to my oil painting class. Whew and all that!

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