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So it's a small world.  mortuus does indeed know one of my roommates. (she says hello and that you're awesome.)

Passed the evening at wyckhurst's place.  I always enjoy being there and the kids were great.  I had brought Beowulf since he was in the car with me when Suzanne called, desperate for a sitter.
S and H were in the bathtub when I came in.  They were excited to see me and even more excited when I said,
"Guess who I brought with me?"
"No...good guess though!"

(ha ha ha!  I love how a good guess with Edward instantly leads to Alex.  Ummm...okay.)
"No...not her either!"
By this time Olivia had come out and saw Wulfie sniffing around the kitchen.
"BEOWULF!" she squealed.
After dinner time we put Spirited Away on the DVD player and Wulfie cuddled on the couch between S and O.  Once they got used to him being there and quit chasing him all over the house he relaxed and enjoyed the attention.  He always looks so BIG at my sister's house.

Speaking of big,  I can't believe how big the niece and nephews are getting.  H suddenly feels like a ton of bricks,  O is so very, very tall.  I can't believe she has another year before she starts kindergarten.  She is probably going to be the tallest girl in her class.  (unlike me.  I was Average Girl.)

S is also a big boy.  I can't believe we are coming up on his eighth birthday.  EIGHT.  How did my little nephew get EIGHT? 

Memory time:
When I came home for Christmas when I was in first year my mom picked me up at the airport and we went straight to my sister's place.  Suzanne was in the middle of a move and I was oh so excited to see S.  While we were Big Friends before I left for school I was afraid that enough time has passed he wouldn't remember me.  I mean, it HAD been 4 months.  No worries though; he saw me and his eyes crinkled into smiles and he raised his arms to be picked up.  I have always been smitten with that little boy.
Happy S,  Wonderul S!  Today is the first day of school for 2nd grade.  I remembe 2nd grade fondly.  I am hoping he will have a good year.  I bet he will and I am glad his best friend Josie is in class with him again.

After I put the kids to bed I felt like I was starting to play a ping pong game with them.  Or wack-a-mole:
"Go to bed!"
"I have to pee!"
"Okay, then go to bed!"
"I want some water!"
"No, go to bed!"
pitter patter pitter patter
"Why are you up?  GO TO BED!"
"I have to pee too!"
"Okay then go to bed!"
"Why is your room light on?  GO TO BED!"

H on the other hand fairly raced to his crib with his arms raised up to be placed in.  He threw himself upon his pillow and was out in under a minute.  THAT was nice.

Had a nice chat with the roomies before I went to bed.  We are slowly bonding.  I rather like these people.  All of them want to start hitting the national parks so I'm excited to have people to go camping with.  Might plan a trip to Moab or Bryce before it gets too cold.  Plus Yellowstone.  I've never been to Yellowstone.  I would like to go see Yellowstone.  VROOM!

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