Jett (jatg) wrote,

Tick .... tick....tiiiiccccckkkk.....

Saturday and I'm pulling another double shift. With The Matrix Reloaded selling out I'm expecting I'll get to go home around 3am. Fortunately I get to go to church tomorrow but I've got to hustle it back here in the mid afternoon to close again. Gah.

It's been a fairly eventful week.

I had a productive meeting (yes another freakin' meeting!) with the Jazz. I decided I would be a little more forthright. "What's the budget?" "What are you looking for?" "What do you need?" "Okay, here's what we'll do." "This is when we will meet again."
I'm doing 5 tight storyboards for them for little 10 to 15 second bits. If they like them, I'll finish them and collect my check.
There will possibly be more but probably not until the end of June when they have a better idea of what the team is going to look like.

I have (I know, I know!!) a meeting with KJZZ on Monday. I think I'll try the same tactic.

Saw my sister and her kids this week. My nephew called me wondering if he had left his bible. (He had.) He pleaded with me to bring it to him "THIS MINUTE." I figured they were worth a drive down. It was (as always) really fun to see them. My nephew has gotten really huggy. He saw me arrive with my friend and after shooting my friend an appraising look jumped on me. "I am so happy you are HERE!!!" Niiice. :)

I'm still mulling over moving back to Seattle and the more I think about it the better it feels. I'm going crazy in Utah and if things do pan out animation wise here for KJZZ and the Jazz, theres no reason I can't do it while I'm up there. I miss Institute Choir and Thursday night pizza/television night with my brother.

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