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Onward ever onward...

The new place:
It's very cool.  It's a rather old house with all of the quirks but also quite loaded with charm.  I am fortunate being in the room that has the most electrical outlets.  My dad has spoiled la familia Atwood with his wiring...any room he touches he insists on an electrical outlet every few feet.
I'm still organizing and shuffling but the room is starting to take shape.  I'm excited.
I brought Beowulf back with me yesterday and it's nice having him back with me full time.  The roommates like him though.  The first thing they said when they saw him was "My gosh, that cat is HUGE!"  It took him an hour or so to prowl around and make himself at home but when I woke up this morning he was curled around my feet so I guess he's settled.  I don't think he quite trusts going up and down the stairs but I'm sure that little bit of apprehension will leave him as well.

The roommies:
Eli:  (thought she was starting a masters, but no...she's going to be starting her junior year)  Parks and Forestry something or another.  Kind of cool but it has become very obvious that politics can NOT be discussed. 
Mary:  Going into Poly Sci. (I can't WAIT for the scraps between her and Eli.  I should sell tickets and provide popcorn!)  In the Air Force reserves, she just finished a 4 year jaunt in Germany as a medic.  She has so much anime she reminds me a bit of a female Terence.  I should set the two of them up.  Like Eli, rather fit.  Course...being all you can be will do that to you. 
Rachel:  Works with a bunch of disadvantaged school kids.  I'm still a bit unclear on what exactly she does.    She has mentioned she would like to go back to school.  She's very quiet and easy going.  She also enjoys puzzles.  (How's THAT for trivial?)

We have another girl from California coming this week.  I don't know a thing about her.  Should be interesting.  I'm thinking the fridge is going to be a bit of a mess.  This many people we really should have two fridges but I don't think that will be happening.

The job:
I still lurve my job.  We have had very encouraging news.

Red Sparrow
The comic strip is growing in ways I hadn't really anticipated but it's been loads of fun to plan.  I've started drawing a lot of it out as well as planning out the little universe.  (I feel not entirely ungodlike.)  Also creating all the different characters is a staggering amount of work as well as plotting out where the strip will be going year by year.  Um, yeah,  I'm a little out of control.  I'd like to offically launch it around the end of September. 
I've got something really cool planned.  Stay tuned...

Not Naked Thursdays and Painting Saturdays
Unfortunately Thursdays was the day of The Big Push in the move so I sadly had to miss my portrait class.  I was more than a little bummed about it.

Saturday I was collecting the last of my stuff out of the apartment.  When I pulled out of the parking lot I noted that Friday felt more than a little ... funny.  Pulling into another parking stall I went around and noted that my back tire was flatter than flat.  I thought I had a jack but couldn't find it.  YIKES.
A quick phone call and my dad was on his way.  This however meant that my first hour of painting was going to be a wash.
I am happy now to report I totally know how to change a tire.  Thanks dad!
I got to my painting class just in time for a huge downpour.  When it finally cleared up I only had an hour or so to finish up my painting.  Sad.  I'll post it when I get a chance.

The family
Made it to the last few hours of the Atwood family reunion.  It was really neat to see all the family members and it was great to have H and O come running at me.
They had some amazing genealogy charts and I was shocked to see all of the empty spaces.  I thought the grand majority of the work had been done.  I asked to have a copy of it sent to me and perhaps in my copious spare time I will see if I'm good at this genealogy thing.  I'm supposed to be filled with the desire to do the work for my departed ancestors and I haven't really felt it before.  Gaping at all those missing names though...I felt a twinge of "please find me!" going off.  It was weird but I suppose in a good way.

wyckhurst and sparkgap are going away for this next weekend and I am going out to Farmington to help ride herd.  I am excited.  I am going to pitch my tent in the new backyard and we are going to have a big fun sleepover outside.  Big H might not go out to the tent but I think S and O willl have a good time. 

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