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Last entry...

Last entry from my old apartment. Next time I will be reporting...oh heck, totally from my work station at Smartbomb but eventually y'all are gonna get updates from the new Chez Jeanette.

I am totally Missing the Mark today. How is it a year has gone by?

Many things to write but the big one is he could always get me to laugh. And he was a GREAT movie date. I don't have the history that wyckhurst and (duh) pr10n had with him...but I still miss that big lug. I want to take my sketchbook to his gravesite to lure him there with the promise of nekkid chicks and have a big yell.

Tonight though...I will post a picture xenologue snapped of him at my birthday party...the last time I saw him. Check out the size of his steak...and his grin. Sigh. Now I want to go get a frostie. Anyone up for Wendys?


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