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A few thoughts...

Packing sucks.

So does moving stuff.  Ye gods that bookcase is HEAVY.  I'm sure Dad and Lawrence wish I had more packed up when they arrived yesterday to do Load 1...and believe me, so did I.
My Mickey Mouse bank and antique Hershey's Cocoa tin, both chock full of drummer boys and some of my other coin cointainers got packed up.  I paused to gloat over my drummer boys... (over 250 at last count,)  and wondered when I would be getting another one since I was no longer in an occupation that had high quarter volumes passing though.  Also gloated over my many silver quarters, my bicentennail proof set,  my silver bicentennial quarter and my gold drummer boy,  plus  my many silver 50 cent pieces and of course my ongoing US quarter collection.  Yay for coins.

Book are heavy.  Why do I own so many?  Get rid of a few?  HERESY!  HERESY I SAY!

Out of all my many, many obsessions I have had in my life, wanting a bed with drawers when I was five was one of the SMARTEST.

Ugh.  I'm tired.  CAn't I just torch everything else?  Well no...not my filing cabinet.  Uh...and not that box either...that has my mission journals and pictures.  Crud, not that box has my white plushy bathrobe.  MAN.

Dropped Dad off at Farmington.  (I could tell within 5 minutes of his arrival he wasn't feeing well.  At first I thought he was being pissy making LMA and I carry everything really heavy, but nope.  Dad is tuckered out. )
A letter addressed to me... who the heck do I know in South Bend,  Indiana?  From an inn?  Do I owe an inn any money...?


And hey...a drummer boy just fell out!  (I don't HOARD them.  I RETIRE them from circulation.)  And hey...a letter from ... ummmxenologue!  No, sorry, no Notre Dame cancellation stamp.  Yes, I would have liked to have seen the campus too.  Rudy indeed.

Olympics!  Yay for men's gymnastics!  Too bad about that landing off the vault Guard!  Plus I'm sick of hearing the name Michael Phelps! 

Pack, pack, pack.  By the time I was ready to offically move a second load it was almost 11:00 at night and I would have felt bad about going back to the place to make all that noise that late.

Oh...met another one of my roommates.  From Maryland, small, petite, crazy STRONG,  dark hair, blue eyes and goes by Eli.  Seems Very Cool.

Finally went to bed at midnight.  Woke up, had a shower at 5:00.  Was planning on being Out The Door but a voice in my head said, "You'd BETTER get some more sleep, you dolt!"

Decided to in to work at 7:30.

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