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"This is the drum part, this is the drum part... THIS IS THE OLYMPIC THEME SONG!!!!"

Okay, so I love the Olympics.  LOVE THEM.  LOVE watching the opening ceremonies!  It is one of my goals in life to go to an opening ceremony.

The first Olympics I have in memory are the 1984 ones in LA....  (I was 11.  I SHOULD have had some memories of the 1980 Olympics but we had an idiot for a president back then.)  With LA though,  I was  simply enraptured watching the sheer spectacle of it all.  (crowded in front of a teenie weenie television with all of my siblings.)  I remember when the people in the stadium were instructed to look under their seats to find colored squares and hold them up...and suddenly they were forming enormous pictures.  (I remember everyone going gaga over it and even some specials on TV explaining just HOW did they DO that?!)  I remember Carl Lewis lighting the cauldron and having the announcers say he was the first black person to ever light it.

I remember the Winter Olympics in Calgary...and boy, Canada sure knew how to put on a show.

In 1996 for Atlanta I was planted in front of the tv watching the Olympics and working on my portfolio to send to Sheridan.  Most of my quick sketches of figures in motion came from track and field and gymnastics.

In 2000...I was all alone having just barely moved to Seattle but still felt giddy when "The Man from Snowy River" played and the guy came charging down on his horse.

I remember the last Olympics in Salt Lake City and those incredible puppets on the ice.  ROCKET SKATES.  I WANT ROCKET SKATES!!!    I took some precious time off from my frantic schedule of finishing my movie to sit down with a bunch of my buddies in Seattle to watch it all.  We wound up watching most of it on CBC because Katie Couric and Bob Costas would not SHUT THE HELL UP!  (and yeah,  I still laugh at...was it Switzerland?  Sweden?  That had silver cone outfits!  BUA HA HA!!!)

So,  I'm big time excited to watch them tonight.  So I have to say,  I HATE when I am casually listening to the news only to hear some guy in Athens start describing the ceremonies.  Just because they've already happened doens't mean I don't want to be ...spoiler free... shall we say when I watch them.

Tonight I will be boxing up my apartment and me...being the sentimental wuss that I am...try not to sniff too hard at the opening theme.  I'm SUCH a sucker for the schmaltz.

Let the games begin!

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