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The Matrix Pretentions

Warning, Spoilers Galore!

This summers most anticipated film sufferes from flash and fashion show and a sense of overbloated self importance and pretention.
The clothes are nice (well, Neo looks like he is in a black dress the whole time,) and the sunglasses on EVERYBODY gets a little silly. The Twins look cool...and so do a lot of other things. Really though, and though you want the end you just don't care.
The first movie had a sense of fun. The first movie had a character we could identify with. While Neo was going to be "The Chosen One," he was still one of us...a guy who was used to living in this reality...a guy who quietly said in awe, "I know kung fu..."
At the end of the first movie he tells the machines he is going to start freeing a whole lot of minds...and then he flies off! Stay tuned, true believers...

The religious overtones were underwhelming for me in the first film. How nice that the last stronghold of mankind is named "Zion." How convenient you have these prophesies. However I could dismiss them as a subtext I didn't care to really ponder.

THIS one is so utterly steeped in it, everytime someone opens their mouth we are getting cryptic lectures. Someone needs to explain to their religious teachers the concept of "Plain and precious truth." My gut feeling is they made the language so stilted and the dialogue so cryptic so that people will go back and see this film 6 or 7 times just to figure out what the heck they are saying and by default think the film is utterly profound. Believable dialogue is apparently too much to ask for.

Despite Neo's ability to fly, he sure seems to be rather grounded again in the world of the matrix and there sure seems to be a whole lot of retreaded material. We don't just get Agent Smith...we get HUNDREDS of Agent Smiths.
Not that Agent Smith ain't cool...but the fight was utterly pointless. It didn't further the story, it just went on and on and on and on and... you get the idea.
There were so many points during the show I got restless and asked, "Why doesn't Neo just do THIS..." He eventually DOES do that...but not after over 10 minutes of a pointless fight.

We get told that angels, vampires, werewolves etc... are rogue programs within the system. We get hints that maybe we are going to get to see these things. We GET more wire fu.

The first 40 minutes of the show are a yawner. We see Zion...which seems to be populated by Incredibly Fit Underclad Beautiful People.
The temple speech is lame. Morpheous' speech is lame. (As is the vast majority of ALL the dialogue in this film. (the exception being the Oracle.) Heck, they could have just STARTED the movie with the conversation with the Oracle and we would have been pretty much up to speed.
The rave/dance at the temple is lame. (and goes on and on and on...)
There were some cool characters...(one guy really makes me want to learn French just so I can understand the beautiful stream of profanity he about swearing like a poet.)

I have to admit there were some rather nice twists at the end. (Don't want to spoil things TOO much,) but man, it sucks to be played as badly as The One was. Ouch ouch ouch.

The only character I really wanted to learn more about was Agent Smith. He's the only guy who seems to have really learned anything from the last film. "Me." he says. "Me too." the other Agent Smith says. Beauty.

Bottom line, there are some nice visuals...but we saw a lot of it in the first movie. There are some great fights...but we saw a lot of great kung fu slow motion spin around till you vomit fights in the first movie.
There was no sense of FUN. There was nobody to relate to. There was a lot of heavy handed crammed down your throat pseudo religious overtones that made the Book of Revelations seem light reading in comparison. The sheer amount of pretention was off putting.

Everybody was so darn serious, which really was too bad. This could have been a thought provoking yet FUN film.

It's going to do bonzer bottler I said before, people are going to come back 6 or 7 times just to figure out what people are talking about and there ARE some neat little twists at the end. You're so tired by the end though, it doesn't pack the slow motion punch I think the filmmakers were shooting for.

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