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Packing it up...

My life gets boxed up again.

I seem to move every year. Every year for at least the last seven, around this time I box things up, throw many other things away and prepare to shift:

1997 Sheridan Year 1 (crazy family)
1998 Sheridan Year 2 (crazy English lady)
1999 Sheridan Year 3 (finally FINALLY the school had residences built!)
2000 Seattle (yay for big fun apartment on Capitol Hill!)
2001 different apartment Seattle (ugh for moldy basement and people I didn't really care for.)
2002 Utah (and boy was THAT a mistake!)
2003 move to my apartment in Utah (yay for feeling like an adult again1)
2004 move to a house full of roommates in Utah. (this is going to be a lot of fun methinks. I'm tired of living like a hermit.)

It's a mystery why I always feel a little homeless (sarcasm folks. sarcasm) but at the same time I always feel not unlike a snake, leaving a beat up and ugly skin behind. I am off to the next great adventure. Fresh starts every year. Calloo callay!

I find it interesting the things that always seem to come and what doesn't make the cut this time around. A LOT of paper. At the same time, sitting down and sifting through the piles of paper that seem to spontaneously generate about me, it's always fascinating to see just how many cartoons I HAVE managed to crank out. It's been a LOT. From idle doodles to full fledged toned out cartoons, the number is probably close to 200. I am actually very impressed with myself.
Same for going through my life drawing. Not only have I done literally a pile of em...but ... dare I say it... I'm actually getting pretty GOOD. Good grief! Who'd a thunk it?

So, my life gets put into neat little quads...and here I go again.

I wonder where I will be next year.

Honestly...I'd be very surprised if I were still in Utah. We'll see.

A ver lo que pasa.

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