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Dream Part II

I went to go see a concert (The Google Band.) (how weird is THAT?) with Suzanne except I wasn't wearing a shirt over my underwear. Nobody was saying anything but I kept feeling like I really needed to buy a tshirt to cover myself. After the first opening band we went out.

There were several lines but not really anybody dealing with the people. A lady kept coming out and calling different names and people would just walk up. Finally I butted in from the line I was sitting in and asked if I was in the right line. She looked at me with a sour expression and told me NO...and pointed over the way to where the merchandise was. Suzanne was already over there by this point. She got some stuff for her kids and had met up with several people I didn't know.

I just wanted a simple white tshirt with the Google logo...but they were all out. Nothing else they had was really wearable...they had like fleece jackets and stuff. They took my name down and said they would call me when they had some more tshirts...they just weren't expecting the demand.
I was angry because I had wasted so much time in a line that amounted to...nothing. Nobody could tell me what that other line was for.

Going back into the hall the band was playing something by Great Big Sea. The concert hall was HUGE but not really FULL. Suzanne didn't know the words but I did. She had moved up closer to the front and was sitting by a friend of hers...a rather LARGE Polynesian woman. I went into the row to sit...but couldn't see a thing. No matter where I saw, I couldn't see the band. It was strange. It's like the seat in front of me was too high or there would be huge columns in front. No matter what I tried I couldn't see anything. It was like being blind. I wanted to be back crouching by the aisle looking up where I could see them but got told I had to stay in the row.

I woke up feeling frustrated.

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