Jett (jatg) wrote,

So Kamille's class was fun.  It was a very small group...only 5 of us with 2 more to join us next week.  We played more with the vine charcoal and I think...(though it truly takes years to master) I'm getting much better at it.  It was very cool.  We worked off a bust of Brutus...and holy cow, I didn't notice it until I looked at my drawing and then back at the bust but...BRVTVS  looks like Lee Majors!  Wow.  The 6 million dollar man also stabbed Caesar in the back.  Nice.

We then did skull drawings and that was fun too. (Nothing to post...still working on them and will take them home at the end of the course.)  I noted I am still guilty of what all 3 of my life drawing teachers accused me of.  Too dark darks and too light lights.  I am a SUCH a sucker for high contrast! Heh.

I had been waffling on taking the painting class but some stuff I found out about it clinched it.  It's going to be in Arvard Fairbanks grandson's yard...and (holy cow, I thought he was DEAD) Arnold Frieberg is coming!  ARNOLD FRIEBERG!!!  He's like 96 but he's coming to this painting class.  Paint me IN.

Went home not feeling well...and by the time I climbed the 3 stories my cough had come back in full force.  I couldn't stop coughing for most of the night.  I am noticing a metallic bloody taste which causes me to reflect on the not goodness of it.   It was hot and I simply lay on top of my bed coughing.  I have not had such a bad night in years. UGH.  I think I may finish up one of my animations and then go home and collapse.

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