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Wicked: The Poem

Based from the book, not the musical:
(and no, didn't pay TOO much attention to the meter or anything.)

Wicked: The Poem

I'll tell you the story of Fabala Fae
Who entered Oz in the regular way
And the  midwives who were heard to say
"Sweet Oz, that girl is GREEN."

Elphaba went to the U of Shiz
Animals, Galinda, spells of fiz
She worked with her usual biz
How studious our girl of green

She wasn't quite happy, she didn't seem sad
The more she learned the more things bad
she noticed all throughout the Ozian land
Disenchanted our girl of green.

The wizard!  The wizard was a mighty fraud
The laws of the land weren't just odd
They were evil, corrupt, devoid of God
Furious, our girl of green

Off to fight the rebel fight
Not much a green girl can do by light
An operative by emerald night
A rebel, our girl of green.

Fiyero was a Vinkus guy
A schoolmate chum from a life gone by
"Yero, my hero," she was heard to sigh.
How happy, our girl of green.

Making love in the afternoon
"My sweet Fae," he was smile and croon
His death caused her to swoon
Red splatters our girl of green.

Off she went to Vinkus land
Westward ho, with her band
of bees and monkey and holding a hand
Son of the girl of green.

The Witch, grief stricken paid her price
penance for Fiyero's life
lived with Fiyero's children, Fiyero's wife
No forgiveness for our girl of green.

Dorothy came, a child elf
Sent to destroy but said herself
"Forgive me for I can not forgive myself!"
Murdering the sister of the girl of green.

The witch screamed, her sleeve caught fire
Dorothy who was none the wiser
Water drenched the witch beside her
And melted our girl of green

Today in Oz there is a line:
"There the witch stayed for a good long time"
"And did she come out, " "Not yet, in time,"
The epitaph for our girl of green.


Whaddya think sirs?

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