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Naked Thursdays...

Admit it, you've all been sitting around your computers just waiting to see what I post for tonight. Tonight was the long pose with Steve after 3 weeks of grueling anatomy. I was rather excited going in. Kamille was going to have us using vine charcoal with a sanguine overlay...something I'd never done before.
I'm not as good as it as I'd like to be...and boy, is the process TIME consuming! I told Kamille this technique was a real brain wrap for me...which I guess is good. I'm all about expanding my horizons. Done right can look I'm going to stick with it for a while.
The picture is actually pretty good sized and needs to be sprayed with fixative so I didn't scan it, instead snapping a picture with my web it's a little fuzzy looking as well as slightly out of proportion. It looks a LOT better in real life.

Tickle Steve's pit!

Next month is portraits...something I need a LOT of help with. I'm excited.

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