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"Hugs are good for you!"

Wound up talking to every one of my siblings today. Weird.

First talked to fallenpegasus. He asked me about Friday and then gave me his regular mother's day instructions. I'm to take her to the garden store tomorrow and help her pick out a rose bush. One thing I'll say for my mom, she's getting a killer rose garden. It's a fun tradition Mark has going with her and I know she looks forward to it every year and starts thinking months in advance what kind of rose she wants to get this year.

Later talked to LMA about nothing in particular. He was getting ready to go take a drug test. Apparently they don't like their glass handlers on any illegal substances. Go fig. ;)

Talked to Suzanne and her kids today and told them I was going to go visit this evening. S & O were very excited. It was really fun to see them. Olivia drew me a picture and Sam read his `homework book' to me. It was titled "Good for You." It was really fun to have him sit on my lap and have him reading and sounding out new words. Sam reads the way I sightread music. There were a lot of things he just faked thinking it sounded good.

There was a sentence that said, "Fruit is good for you." The picture had a kid standing under an apple tree so Sam read, "Apples are good for you!" Bua ha ha ha! Near the end of the book there was a picture of a big purple monster standing in front of the kid and Sam froze for a minute. I was half expecting him to try out, "Monsters are good for you!" (the phrase was "What else is good for you?") Then the monster says, "Hugs are good for you!" and the kid says "Hugs are good for me!" Sam read that and I cheered, "Yay! Hugs are good for you!" so Sam turned around and gave me one. Awww...

When I was driving to Suzanne's my phone rang and it turned out to be Brent. I haven't talked to him since Christmas I don't think. He needed some stuff scanned so I stopped by the tattoo parlor on my way home. He gave me the nickel tour. He seems to be doing pretty well. The favorite picture I saw was a shot of him working on the SLC's mayor's neck. (he didn't really give him a tattoo but it's a great shot!)

So, I feel sufficiently bonded with my family today, plus I logged over 100 miles on Friday today.

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