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Wednesday's poem

Looking up

People like sappy poetry
    of missing loves and misting seas
Poignant things, deep, profound
    And in such poems, no rhyme is found.

I cannot write such stuff as that.
  Not in my nature, it just falls flat.
My writing is quite juvenile
  But hopefully it brings a smile

To someone with a crappy day
  A silly poem that shouts "Hooray!"
Live is silly and abusurd.
  Why waste it feeling like a turd?

In fact I think I'll write one now!

"Hey mister!  Do you see that cow?"
        "Why no!  A bovine I do not see."
  "Well sir, try looking up that tree!"

"A tree.  A TREE?  You silly lad.
        I'll NOT look up.  I'll NOT be had."
    Just then there came a CRACK!
  A cow fell, the man went SPLAT!

    The moral is quite plain to see.
      Cows, they can't climb trees.
  And you can certainly say "tut tut,"
    But it doesn't hurt to try looking up.


There, SEE!  Isn't that just way more fun
      "Woe is lovers gone!
        I ache upon the silver sand..."

Stuff like that is just so bland!


And so I'll write that stuff which
    Makes English teachers and poets twitch.
But for me, I'll waste my time
    Writing poems that really rhyme.

Thoughts?  Comments?  Rotting fruit?
Lemme know what you think.

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