Jett (jatg) wrote,

Walks & Talks...

After a small bowl of ice cream with wild blackberries (oh baby, oh baby, oh baby,) and sighing to myself...Why do I persist in eating sugar knowing it only makes me sick... (because DUH, wild blackberries in vanilla ice cream) ...decided to walk it off and went on a 4 mile walk with my brother.
We had a great chat...swapping mission stories, thoughts on the Church, thoughts on dating and why I don't do it anymore, it was just a nice, nice evening.
Later helped him paint the bathroom downstairs.
It has been a fun summer with him in Farmington a lot. I feel I have gotten a lot closer to him, and I think the feeling is mutual.
The comment that made me smile the most is him telling me he wishes he could have...chats...with some people in my life. Awww...LMA is feeling all fraternal and protective. I love him too. :) Yay for my ultra violet brother! :D

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