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My girl Friday

Well, after a night tossing and turning and a whole lot of number crunching and personal deliberations, I took my bike to work today. While there I made a bunch of phone calls, got off early and met my parents at Murdock Used Cars around 3:30. Yup, got the tracker. HuzZAH!

After not a lot of mulling I decided to name the little thing "Friday" for a number of reasons:

1. Friday was Robinson's Crusoe's sidekick,
2. There's the phrase "Girl Friday," meaning an errand runner etc.
3. It screams "Have fun on the weekend."
4. Friday was also the name of the sentient ship in my favorite comic book.

I think it'll stick. In my family we've had "The Maggot," (an enormous 15 seater white van), my grandfather had "Max" his BMW motorcycle, my dad's russian motorcycle "Ivan," and now his new truck "Norton," so named cars aren't exactly rare in the fam.

It's been so long since I've had wheels I'm still a little dazed. Can't quite believe I'm no longer bound by the times of the UTA schedule. I still plan on riding my bike home at least twice a week. My manager is thrilled because now he can start scheduling me for closing shifts. (That's why he let me go home early. I think he was more keen on me getting a vehicle than I was!

Didn't do a lot of driving this evening though. I went and picked up Brittany, we tooled around a little bit and then headed back to my house to watch "Juding Amy."

Maybe I'll go to Springville tomorrow to give a thrill to Sam and Olivia. :)


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