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One of my favorite film composers died last night.

My friend BJ and I used to take CDs and have "theme nights" to keep us entertained during the wee hours.  We would grab CDs that were red,  we would grab every score that started with a specific letter but more often than not we would grab different composers.

Jerry Goldsmith night was GREAT.

We listened to everything from Star Trek: The Motion Picture (boring movie, terrific score)
to Supergirl to The Omen to Planet of the Apes to Patton to Mulan.  The guy was SO versitile.  We weren't the only ones who thought so.  James Horner is notorious for ripping off Goldsmith.  You can hear refrains of The Posideon Adventure deep in Horner's Titanic.

And after a long protracted battle with cancer, he died last night in his sleep, surrounded by family.

Sound familiar.


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