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A Mighty Wind Rules...

Found out when I got to work this morning we were having a sneak press screening of "A Mighty Wind."

I have to admit I didn't really know who any of these comedians were before I went to school up in Canada, but I got rather forcibly introduced to the cast of SCTV and realized I had been seeing these guys in one thing or another for years. (Ditto's for "Kids in the Hall.") (Fav line: "I love it `ere. Everytheeng ez so flahammable!")

I first saw "Waiting for Guffman" my first night back in 3rd year. I hooked up with my friends from school as well as xenologue and we crowded into Ryan Gong's res room that looked like it had been taken over by an Ikea store and we laughed ourselves sick.

Since then I've seen all the other works in this odd troupe's canon and I've been rather excited waiting for their next oddball movie. They always have bizarre premises full of character so bizarre...they seem more real than anyone else you see on screen. So, I hurried through the morning "to do" list and promptly poked my head into Theater 3 for a while.

The "while" turned out to be practically the duration of the movie.

Somebody needs to give Eugene Levy a special award. He played a character so drug riddled, it made Ozzy Osbourne look like Stephen Hawking in comparison! I can't comprehend how everyone did so much obvious ad libbing without cracking up ALL THE TIME.

Christopher Guest...every time I see him he looks so DIFFERENT. I still can't ever quite believe he was the 6 fingered man in The Princess Bride.

It was so nice seeing a movie that was ALL flash involved at all. (Not that I mind flash...(Colossus armoring up, swoon,)) but something purely and unadulturated character driven...(and what characters!) is just a balm to the movie soul. Loved it.

See the movie.

"Wha' Happened?" Cancelled Due to Total Lack of Interest. "



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