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Last night's dream...


Last night I dreamed that I was in first grade again and had a loose tooth.  I say I was in first grade, because that's what it was in my dream, but I was also an adult.  These were my grown up teeth. 

The tooth  was the one on the bottom that sticks out slightly from the front bottom row of my teeth.  I did not want to take it out because I knew it was the equilivalent of a keystone for my teeth.  If I took it out, the whole bottom row would go.  I was terrified of taking out that tooth and having a gap of gums between the molars.  It was so loose that I could reach in and slide it partway up and I knew it would come out cleanly...but I did not want it to leave.  I did not want to lose my teeth, even though I knew that if that tooth could slide in and out so cleanly something was seriously WRONG with my mouth.

Finally Mrs. Brown, one of my teacher's aids from North Carolina convinced me that it was time to let them go.  I was shaking as I reached in my mouth and pulled out the tooth.  Immediately the other 4 or 5 that were held into place by each other spilled out and I spat a mouthful of teeth.  I was terrorized as could feel my molars start to go too.  The molars had impossibly long roots with long twisting sharp shapes.  They hurt in my mouth and jabbed at my gums casuing them to bleed. I couldn't cry, I couldn't even scream as I felt all these horrible changes in my mouth.

Then, gently, Mrs. Brown took my hand and guided me to an enormous screen which showed me the inside of my mouth.

There, just behind the pink of my gums...were little teeth, white, sharp, perfect...ready to take the place of the old worn out and craggy teeth I had just spat out.


But...I thought I had already lost my baby teeth... there are more?  I have more teeth?

And even the molars, with their sharp staglatite roots, those too would eventually be replaced with normal strong teeth.

It was a miracle.  I could feel the sting of tears as the terror and loss I felt was replaced by hope.


I'm seriously baffled by this dream.  Thoughts?

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