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This will prove an evening full of decisions. For the last few months I've been checking out used cars, comparing apartments, crunching numbers, looking at my finances all with the intent of :
1. Getting a vehicle
2. Moving OUT.

I had kinda been hoping the vehicle thing would be happning in mid-May, and now it may be happening tomorrow. Checked out a Geo Tracker today and boy it's a deal. It looks a lot like my old sidekick except it's a 5 speed (HUZZAH) and instead of being white is the color of a Dr. Pepper can. (mmm, Dr. Pepper...) It's got barely over 30K miles on it (rather incredible considering the age.) The condition reassures me that it will not be falling apart on me in 6 months and it can last me a good long while.

As for moving, I think my mom is subtly trying to get me to stay home for a while. She mentioned one of the investors at Golden Eagle wants Dad to convince her to move to Santa Cruz for a while so he (my dad) can work a little more full time on getting a new project up and running. If she goes they will need a housesitter. IE: ME.

If she had ever been to Bolivia before I would more seriously consider it, except she has been "going to go" to Bolivia since before I graduated from high school!!! I'm not going to stick around waiting for her to make up her mind. Perhaps in a few weeks when I'm ready to go make my deposit I will give her the ultimatum. Go, or I will go. ;)

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