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...about the supernatural:

While I am a firm believer in life after death and that we really know beans about what that life is like for various individuals...and when I hear people tell of experiences they have had, I am grateful I haven't had very many. I had a few on my mission I never need repeated. (I think every missionary has had one.)

For the most part I don't really want to be visited by anyone I know either. I don't want to see loved ones standing at the foot of my bed, glowing with messages from the beyond. Even though I love them and miss them fiercely, I know deep in my heart, a visit from them would terrify me. I think.

I don't know. I had an extremely vivid dream about my grandfather a few months after he died.

I was walking through the woods. It was bright and green and smelled of a midspring morning. As I walked I came across a huge clearing with a white park bench. There on the bench, in his blue coveralls and khaki cap sat my grandfather. I went and sat by him and we just chatted. I told him I was angry he had left the way he did, without saying good bye. We talked about many things, nothing of which really seemed critical or profound...but when I got up, I gave him a hug, even noticing his old man sweet sweaty smell and he told me he knew I was sad and had arranged this so I could tell him goodbye. I woke up slightly wistful but happy. I felt closure.

So...maybe I wouldn't really mind a visit...but it would have to be somebody I knew. And again, please, no glowing in the corner of my bedroom. Thanks.

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