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The weekly recap

The Pets
Beowulf seems to be recovering nicely. A few nights agoI was brushing him down and noticed he had a pretty bad mat under one of his armpits. (Do cats have armpits?) Upon closer inspection (and trimming away much of the mat) it appears that his skin had been ripped! This gave me cause for concern as it looked like it was getting infected and wasn't healing properly with all that hair. It really was rather gross looking.

We trimmed most of the fur away from the area and put a huge gob of neosporin on it. My mom and I were certain we would be having to take him to the vet the next day. However upon checking him in the morning we were both amazed at the recovery. Now, two days later, you can see where it is healing, but it is nowhere near as grisly looking as it was. Thank heaven for small miracles.

The little goldfish I was given as a (very irresponsible) spiff at the last mandatory HR gathering died. I rather thought he was going to make it as he lived longer than 4 days. I still can't believe the level of irresponsibility of the people who planned the event. My jaw dropped when I saw they were giving away live animals. I don't care if it was just a goldfish. I joked rather sarcastically that maybe next year they would have a puppy concept!

The Fam

Dad got home from Bolivia and had his 62nd birthday yesterday. I guess the official gathering is going to be next weekend.

I think my mom is sad I'm going to be leaving soon...though I think it's because she will miss having Beowulf around. Too bad so sad. There are plenty of pets who need an owner like her.

Lawrence is moving apartments up in Logan. He aquired Suzanne's bed, (and he's a big enough boy he should HAVE a bed of that size.) He's also aquired work at a window making company. He's pretty excited about it as well as his senior project. He's going to be doing some really cool stuff. I'm trying to convince him to start an LJ as to keep everybody posted.


Brittany just finished yet another quilt. She's going to be wrapping up her first year of teaching in early June. She's also been doing some early tentative interviews with some schools in Phoenix as well as Texas. I think it would be great for her to move out of state for a while.

B.J. is a happy animator, working full time at Calabash animation. He's also moving apartments and gaining a roommate. I haven't seen him for quite a while but I hope to be fixing that soon.

xenologue is (I'm assuming) frantically working on finishing her Masters. (I'm sure it will be great even though she never lets me read any of her work. She's (hopefully) coming to visit at the end of June. I'm rather excited and have been jotting down things to do. (Visiting Southern Utah is rather high on the priority list.) She's never been and I haven't been in years.

The theater has been doing bonzer bottler business this last weekend. Every show for X-Men has been selling out close to an hour in advance. I'm thinking this will be a show that has some serious legs, The Matrix notwithstanding. It's just a GREAT movie and it seems to be pulling in every demographic. HuzZAH!

Hey, has anyone noticed Alan Cumming looks a heckuva lot like PeeWee Herman? Just thought I'd mention it.

Artistically I'm hoping for some good news quite soon. I talked with Monica at Calabash about the possiblity of doing some freelance and I'm going to be contacting both KJZZ and the Utah Jazz next week.

There's been a pretty incredible flu going around work and unfortunately I have not been spared. Much liquid has helped and I think some seriously cayenne spiked wassail has gone a long way in knocking things loose. Mmmmm cayenne...mmmmm....

Still been riding my bike. Feel good about that. It's pretty cool to already have logged close to 100 miles on a brand new odometer. Woof woof woof!

I think my body has gotten used to the amount of water I've been drinking (roughly 4 to 5 liters a day.) I don't have to flee to the restroom quite so frequently anymore. ;)


So really not much has changed but I'm feeling rather optimistic about the next few months. We'll see how things go.

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