Jett (jatg) wrote,

The Never Ending Babysitting Stint or How I Spent the Weekend at my Sisters:

Not that there's anything wrong with that. I love hanging out here.

While chatting a bit with the sister, she mentioned she was looking for a sitter. I thought about it...all the things I had wanted to get done and decided to chuck it. ("Summmmmeeerrrtiiime! And the livin' is EAASSSYYYYY...")

I left work actually a little bit early (but not early enough!) to get down here but still managed to get caught in traffic. That's the last time I try to drive here after 4:00 PM.

We had big fun last night, watching Spirited Away. The kids LOVED it, having seen it a bunch of times and I was utterly enthralled. I only saw it once (in THEATERS, thank you very much and NO...MY theater DIDN'T carry it. I found out we weren't getting it and threw a fit!) It's just a completely mesmerizing movie. Highly recommend it and I, of course, am THRILLED that the niece and nephews like it. We like making the sound of the 3 bouncing heads. "OYT! OYT!"

It was a big treat for them to stay up so late and I liked having their warm little bodies cuddled up.

Today we watched Toy Story 1 (I hadn't seen it in quite a while! It was the first movie I saw when I got back from the mission. fallenpegasus took me. I was, frankly, blown away.) and after H went down for his nap, S & O and I pulled the pool out and played in the back yard. Again, yay for big fun. I got a little sunburned but not too bad.

Of course by the time Suzanne and Bill got home, I was totally wiped out, after having to tell S that I was no longer interested in discussing
1. Sea aenomones
2. The Titanic (the construction of, the sailing of, the sinking of, the recovery of, the music of, etc.)
3. Volcanos (especially Mt. Kilowaya)
4. Rocks. (volcanic or otherwise.)

I was also losing interest in hearing
"Ow, I hurt myself, WAAAHHHH!!!!" every 5 minutes.

H was a trooper. He slept almost the whole day. When he's not asleep though he is an absolute sport. He is up for any and everything...but he really enjoys trips in the wagon. Yeee hah!

I was too tired for a big long trip in the wagon, (unlike yesterday when I wound up running 4 blocks pulling the 3 of them, (and that ain't no light feat we're talkin' `bout, folks.) and I think Suzanne saw how tired I was when she told the kids (hooray) that we had played enough outside and it was time to go inside. (thank you, thank you, thank you.)
The kids painted for a while, we watched Toy Story 2 (hadn't seen that one for a while either and the scene with Jessie remembering her owner ALWAYS gets to me...and if you didn't cry through that scene the first time, your heart is made of STONE! (AND, Randy Newman was TOTALLY robbed at the Oscars that year when "When She Loved Me" did NOT win Best Original Song, instead losing out to that hack cheeze "You'll Be in My Heart" gag fest Phil Collins song from Tarzan, thank you very much!)

I am going to offically announce that if any of the niece or nephews gets out of bed again, I am going to DUCK TAPE THEM TO THEIR MATTRESS. (I learned that trick, amazingly enough from The Red Green Show and not from my mother...though I am rapidly waxing in empathy for her.)

So it has been a lot of fun and though I am really wiped out, I am glad I was able to help. I am the best aunt ever.

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