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The one where Jett cleans her car, goes to church and plays with fireworks

The final model was finally handed over to me today and I got to start animating for real.  Well, actually all the models are sort of "works in progress" until they're not.  I've already found some things to tweak out that will make my life easier.  Still, it's a very cool feeling when I feel like I'm actually animating him vs fighting to get him into every pose.  Woo!  I am starting to get it...though I know I have lightyears to go. 
In the afternoon we went to see Spider-Man.  (Yes, my third time.)  One of the fellows couldn't make it and so asked if I wanted to invite a friend.  It was a smashing dose of reality when I realized that I didn't have anyone I could really CALL.  Most of my friends still work at the theater!  Note to self: Get more friends!

In the evening I went over to the folks house.  This is sort of getting to be a habit with me...but I like to go and chat and play with Beowulf.

Saturday:  DUG OUT FRIDAY.  I mean, wow.  I told my mom I was more than embarassed at how disgusting my vehicle was getting.  I thought it was actually rather OUT of character for me.  I mean, when I had the sidekick I would clean it out at least every 2 weeks.  It felt good to throw out bunches of garbage, vacuum and wipe everything, both inside and out.  When I was done I wanted to go for a ride up Farmington Canyon...but again with needing friends. ;)
ALSO worked on Hiro.  Dad and I checked the battery, charged up two of them...only to find out I had (or most likely have) a short somewhere in the electrical system.  This weekend I may see if I can get LMA to help me take Hiro to the Suzuki shop.  Hopefully it won't be anything TOO serious.  Dang it all!  I want to ride my bike!
I DID feel very "grease monkey cool" though, taking batteries in and out.  Lookit me, learning mechanics.  Grrrr. :D

My friend Brittany, (who HAS an LJ but never updates the darn thing!) came over and true to form, talked quilting with my mom.  I realized, Jett SMELL BAD and went and had a shower.

One thing about having longer hair...holy SMOKES it takes a while to shampoo it!  This is a weird thing for me.  I'm struggling to think the last time my hair has actually gotten this long.  I have been wearing it pulled back for at least months now...and boy, you REALLY lose track of how long it is when you do that.  The whole thing started because I was too poor to get a decent haircut...and then it turned into a "gee whiz, I wonder how long it will go before I go nuts..." and I guess maybe that is where I am still at...except I'm getting a lot of compliments on it.  Or if not compliments, huge doubletakes from people who haven't seen me for a while. IS rather odd.

Sunday:  Went with the folks to the home ward. 

(to my non LDS readers, just bear with me.  ;))

A few Sundays ago the lesson in SS was in Alma ...mostly centering around the conversation between Amulek and the lawyer Zeezrom.  During the class, the teacher asked for two people (and note,he said people(this is important))  who could read with dramatic flair.  Well, being on the front row, and having had the ability to read aloud in style since I was, oh, six or seven, my hand shot up.  The teacher looked at me, starting to hand over the pages...and then paused.
I knew exactly was was coming and finished what he was saying, not bothering to hide the bitterness and anger in my voice.
"Uhmmm...well actually..."..."you need two GUYS."
Yes.  Yes, ladies and gentlemen...since the parts were for Amulek and Zeezom,  they obviously had to go to MEN. 
He then said brightly, "You can be the narrator!"
The narrator had one small line in the beginning and one in the end.  Even my dad was irritated.
I had several women pull me aside after and tell me:
1. They were impressed with how I handled it. (not throwing a fit)
2.  They were going to privately pull the teacher aside and THEY were going to throw a fit.

Anyway, when I went in this Sunday, I saw it was the same teacher for the the first thing out of my mouth:
"Don't worry...I won't try to read any boys parts this week!"
I am pretty sure he didn't catch my sarcasm but more than one person in the class did.  HAH!

In Relief Society we talked about genealogy.  It was actually lot of fun listening to all the stories how how miracles, big and small have happened for them in trying to track down and research their ancestors.  Makes me feel a bit guilty though, knowing that is something I am supposed to be pursuing.  I want to go visit my Aunt Laura and pick her brain and start collecting a lot of stuff.  The last time I saw her, I felt like I wouldn't have too many more visits with that firecracker of a woman.  Made me a bit sad.

I got up and shared some of my thoughts during testimony time.  I was feeling...I don't know...rather pensive knowing this week I will be hitting my 10 year mark for starting my mission.  It has been a rather bizarre decade.  I shared some of the things I had learned, struggles I had, things I was grateful for.  I felt like I rambled...but was rather surprised to look up and see a room full of teary eyes.  Wow.  That wasn't quite was I was going for...but it was nice feeling so loved by so many amazing women.

Sunday afternoon/evening:  Went for another long walk with my friend Jan.  Again with wishing I had a tape recorder.
We talked a lot...throwing a lot of speculation around.  We are both believers in what I guess I term `Cosmic Karma.'  What goes around really does come around.  Maybe not directly but I am a firm believer in balance.  Fat cow year, lean cow year...maybe not so obvious and direct but it's still there.  Now in order for there to be balance...doesn't there there need to be a sort of cosmic fulcrum...something that helps everything sort out.  What if, I threw out...what if that is also part of Christ's atonement?  Must think on this more...but I'm going to run with it for a while.

Monday was big fun.
I bought an animation desk!  Not just a portable one...a REAL one.  I am very excited.  It was quite a find and quite a steal!

That evening down at wyckhursts we had a small little party with her family and the folks.
Her backyard was very pleasant and looked quite cute with the white tables and chairs.  To prevent the wind from blowing away the tablecloths S had placed rocks.  He was a bit worried we might fight over what table we wanted to sit on, based on what rock we liked the best but his mom assured him that probably was not going to happen.
I ate waay too much.
And then tried (after much goading by my sister who actually COULD do them,) to do a cartwheel.  As I recall I sucked at doing them as a kid...and I have not improved.

Feeling all tough though and talking smack, (which is sister and I have never had any sort of competiveness between the two of us,) we had an arm wrestle.  This was a Bad Idea.  I haven't been working out as diligently as I should...and she goes like every day!  So even though I am naturally more muscular than her...she beat me.  I am officially humiliated.  This will not be happening again. ;)
Okay, it probably will, but she's going to really have to WORK for it.  Actually I think she worked rather hard for this win.  Go her!

She then showed me some of her yoga and pilates exercises...and I'm a bit embarassed to, I'm still sore today.  Owie.

Sparklers!  The kids had a great time with them. 
I had bought 3 box fountains, one for each kid.  I looked for the wick...and then figured it was inside the box.  Upon opening the box though I saw that inside were FIVE small instead of 3, we had FIFTEEN.  S loved it...especially when I started lighting 3 at once.

I love going to my sister's house.  I love playing with the kids and admiring her cute house and family.  I love having them climb all over me and demand roller coaster rides (an Aunt Jeanette specialty) and swinging them all over.  Few things beat kids running across the yard with their arms wide, ready to tackle you in a huge.  "Aunt Jeanette is here!  It's time for BIG FUN!"  (actual quote, gentle reader.  Actual quote.)

How I love them.

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