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Well THAT'S a shock...

Cuz wyckhurst reposted her Spark results... I think I'm the same as I was last year.

You are an Artist!

(Dominant Introverted Abstract Feeler)

You are an ARTIST (DIAF)— creative, adventurous, and deep. Although you are an introvert, your dominant ideas lead you to assert yourself often— especially through your work. You actively put your creativity to constructive use, and because you are ruled by your heart you are less likely to be inhibited by logic.

You have an intuitive understanding of emotion and know how evoke it in others, but the real world can be a prison of foolishness and embarrassment if you don't get your head out of the clouds a little more. Also, you are 87% likely to write poetry. Please, for the love of God, stop now.

82% are more Submissive than you.
7% are more Dominant than you.
10% are just as Dominant as you.
34% are more Introverted than you.
48% are more Extroverted than you.
18% are just as Introverted as you.
14% are more Abstract than you.
69% are more Concrete than you.
17% are just as Abstract as you.
65% are more Thinking than you.
30% are more Feeling than you.
6% are just as Feeling as you.

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