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...and I'm TIRED

Saw X-Men 2 for the second time last night at midnight and then had to open the theater this morning. I'm quickly realizing I'm getting too old for stints like this... 4 hours of sleep in 48 would have been childs play when I was going to art school but I've since relearned how much I like sleep. (okay it wasn't child's play but I got used to that constant dead weariness.)
Also there's a horrible flu going around the theater and it hit me in full force last the little sleep I actually got was punctuated with trying to stay my running nose and find a comfortable position for my creaky bones. Makes me laugh. Everybody at the theater is sick, just in time for 4000+ people a day to start showing up and taking our change and the tickets we've all handled with our germy hands.

People at work asked me if I was going to bike home after. Uh, no. I could barely stumble out of the door. There was no way in heck I was going to hop on my bike and ride 20+ miles home.

The big news in Utah today has John Stockton retiring. While the heady days of the 97 and 98 playoffs are long gone and I'm not as passionate as I used to be for the Jazz it will be odd to not see the (relatively) short, white guy schooling all these younger taller richer punks. I'm giving the Jazz a week or so to settle down now that they're out of the playoffs and then call the VP of operations and start bugging him about doing Jumbotron animation for them next season.

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