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the evening report

Happy belated longest day of the year. I love this time of year. I love the extremely long days. I love the late sunsets and the taste of watermelon. I love sprawling on the grass at night and looking up at the stars which seem to get more and more numerous the longer I look. Hey! A satellite! And again with my parent's deck. And citronella candles and windchimes. Dang. I want to go camping SO bad.

It could be that NOT being at the movie theater is helping spark the "I'm so happy, I'm so grateful" mood but I'm also convinced the weather and time of year has a lot to do with it. Okay, I'm also convinced that the majority of my good mood does indeed stem from the Yay! No Theater! feeling. WOO HOO!!!

Yesterday was the annual neighborhood ward party. I opted to go and actually had a really good time. It was the first time I went where I actually got something to eat. In years gone by I got there late only to find locusts had descended or else I would accidentally drop my plate. (Actually did that last one twice. Both times to smirks and applause. Ta daaah! I'm a klutz!) No more jello!

This year the majority of my time was spent drawing pictures for some initially shy 9 year old girls. By the end I had them climbing all over with me with requests. "Draw Darth Vadar! Draw Princess Jasmine! Draw Spongebob!" Hee. Three years of art school, I'm good for entertaining the small fry. It WAS more interesting than drawing whales and volcanoes. (apologizes to the nephew.)

And, as in years past, connected with my good friend Jan which resulted in a 3 hour conversation. I always wish I had a tape recorder for those. I always come away feeling like I can slay dragons and have enough energy left over to rescue a bunch of damsels in distress. Or something.

Oh and hey, still wondering about time.

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