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thoughts on time...

So I started my second week at Smartbomb and yes, I still love it. I am noticing something odd though. Last Monday feels like a lifetime ago. Could it be because I got so much done? Because I learned so much during the week? Maybe just because it's the start of a new job...but it has got me to thinking.

At the movie theater it really didn't feel like that much time had elapsed from Lord of the Rings to Harry Potter. The time absolutely flew by.
So...I'm working on a theory...actually it's not even cohesive enough to call a theory. Maybe it's a collection of random thoughts that are going more or less in the same direction.
When I was in school or on the mission...while the time seemed to fly, I noticed how I related to events. I had a friend come and visit when I was in school. She stayed for a week. Two months later it felt like it had been a lifetime since she had come.

Two months at the theater passed with the snap of fingers.

Now...I'm thinking it was perhaps because there were so many things that HAPPENED from her visit.
With other animation jobs I also felt that progression in time...because at the end of the day there was something accomplished. Two weeks past was ...a LONG time ago...because I was done with that particular scene and was working on a whole new one.

With ...I don't know what to call where you do the exact same thing over and over and over you lose that sense of the passage of time? You can't really feel like you have accomplished ANYTHING, right? So...not a lot of personal progression either.

Do other people feel stuck at those sorts of jobs? What about jobs where you can point to something at the end of the day and say "this is what I did?" Is there a psychological difference between people who do either job? I'm really wondering here.


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