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Father's Day on the deck...

...I love my parent's deck. It was exceedingly pleasant to have dinner out on it tonight. The pine tree provided enough shade, the dinner was excellent (mmmm, roast beef, potatoes, carrots, cauliflower and pistachio pudding salad) and the conversation flowed well between my mom (wurtmann), my youngest brother,phoenix_jade and my dad. (no LJ. sigh.)
The topics ranged from lessons learned in church today to the state of the world in the 70s to upcoming projects with my dad to my new job. I think we were out there for at least two hours.

This is my favorite time of year to be out on the deck too. It's not TOO hot, the breeze is just enough to keep the wind chimes tinking a bit and in the late evening the sunsets are more than breathtaking. I love the smells of being outside, I love the air, I love the sheer pleasant-ness of it. I love sitting out there late at night, lighting a citronella candle or two and sitting on my grandmother's glider shooting the breeze with anyone else who wants to be out there.

And where do my parents want to live tonight? Right there. :)

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