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In where Jett has her last day and buys clothes...

So I went in yesterday morning into the theater. It was difficult to be there. I had not been there for nearly 2 weeks and had pretty much mentally divorced myself from the place. It was funny the things which were automatic and other things which weren't. I actually stared at the moniter in front of one of the tills not quite remembering how to LOG IN. Actually that made me pretty happy.
I went through the day feeling like I was in a bit of a fog, honestly not knowing how I was going to be able to get through the next few weekends. I didn't want to DO ANYTHING. There was no excitement, no sense of purpose, heck there was barely a sensation of time passing. Purgatory in a movie theater. It wasn't BAD, it wasn't GOOD. It just WAS.
Later talking to Emily she casually mentioned that since my position had been filled, plus interviews were commencing to find a person to replace the fellow who got my spot, rather than just coming in weekends, if I liked, I could call Saturday my last day and Dick would let me come back to watch the Spider-Man screening. Blink.


Today can be my last day?!

I could tell she looked like she felt bad I was so excited about it so I tried to soften it. "I mean, I only work 2 blocks away, I'll be in all the time to say hello, (lies!) plus I'll see you at the screening." We chatted a bit more and she gave me a letter which she instructed me not to read while she was there.

Upon leaving the theater that evening I poked my head into Dick's office to bid farewell and tell him thank you. "Apart from any animation job, this one has been my favorite. I have really enjoyed working here." He looked a little pleased and offered me a gift...a rather nice Shrek 2 watch. It came in a fancy box and everything. I looked at it smiling and said, "I wonder how much it will go for on ebay..." I laughed at the stricken look on his face, told him I was merely teasing and thank you again, goodbye.

I clocked out and walked out the door.

Monday or Tuesday I will be back to drop off my uniform and my keys and clear out my locker...but I'm done there. Really and truly DONE. Wow. And I can't even pretend to feel sad.

I read Emily's letter. She talked about when she heard my news I was leaving she was conflicted, torn between being happy for me and being sad for her...not just because she was losing a great supervisor but a daily friend. Awwwwww.....

Not really wanting to go to my apartment (which is HOT and has no cat) I went north to Farmington to visit the folks. They looked surprised but pleased to see me. My dad needed a rough logo done for the kitty litter project in Texas so we came up with a simple line drawing similar to Edward's picture. We must be turning into a cat family if my dad wants a cat for a logo.

(Speaking of cats, a few weeks ago I bought a set of clippers and proceeded to shave down Beowulf. He actually took it a lot better than I thought he would and we really took some parts all the way down to grey fuzzy felt. I tried to leave his tail alon3 but dad came along, took the clippers and took some swipes off his tail!
When I got to Farmington yesterday, pheonix_jade had finished the job...taking off almost all the fur off his tail except for the top. IT looks like he's a fuzzy sparkler!
It's hilarious watching him go through tall grass. You see this round little poof at the top of his tail weaving back and forth.
Despite his silly look, he is very SOFT and he's got to be a LOT cooler. I mean, he was started to shed it out, but his winter coat was tremendous!)

Later mom and I went to Sam's club. I truly didn't mean to get that much but I was in dire need of quite a few things...including some summer clothes. It is a rare thing when I buy clothes. I hate clothes shopping.

Most of my wardrobe has been aquired through gifts, DI (thrift store) or some form or another of handmedown. All my shirts are oversized tshirts or beyond ratty or hopelessly out of date and more than likely all 3 together. However, while again, not a clothes horse, I guess I really don't want to walk down the street looking like I'm caught in a time warp of a decade ago.

They had a sale on some shirts which I I pretty much got one of every color. They will get me through the summer. Most are pretty patriotically themed. I wisecracked that they made me want to visit Canada. (Cue the bombasitic Stars and Stripes forever.)

I wonder if Sam's Club in Canada has Canadiana themed tshirts. The only place I ever saw patriotic Canada stuff was roots. And that tie store.

After the summer is over I have told wyckhurst we will go clothes shopping again. I really had fun with her in January when we went. Too bad the best pair of pants got STOLEN!!! AAARRRGGHHH!!!!

Also found a pair of glasses I really liked. Give me a few weeks and a couple more paychecks and I will go and pick them up. Again with the time warp. As much as I have loved my glasses (hands down they have been my favorite pair I've ever had,) it's time to update the look and move on.


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