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My inner geek is content. I'm too tired to write a real review, instead here's a bit of mostly non spoiler consciousness.

From the moments of Prof X's narration to the introduction of a bamfing "Kurt Wagner, but in the great circus I was called Nightcrawler..." leaping and springing and bamfing through the White House I knew I was in for a heckuva geek ride. (by the by, the BAMF is a little higher in pitch than I imagined, but it sure looks cool. I understand when the DVD comes out and people frame by frame it, (and they WILL) you get some really neat visuals.)

Did I like it?
Man oh man! How many ways can one gurgle?
(heck, I could just gurgle with the shot of Peter armoring up in the mansion.)
Was it better than the first?
Was Empire better than Star Wars? (gurgle gurgle gurgle...)

So many of the flaws and irritants of the first film have been fixed. I still think Haley Berry is to cute and too little to play Storm but DANG if they didn't give her something to do!

Jean Grey, some very cool stuff, and if one is aware of her history...well, don't want to spoil anything but... hopefully they'll do Dark Phoenix the next movie. Gurgle gurgle...

There are a few minor quibbles, (How come Collossus didn't have a Russian accent?)

The score was better than the first one. Marvel still has yet to answer to the great scores from DC characters. Heck, Supergirl has a better score than X-Men but it's certainly better than Spiderman's score was. Still, quite an improvement and thank goodness they didn't feel the need to tap the current flavor of the month singer/rapper/star to blast our ears and sell a few bazillion mediocre albums.

It has been said about second movies is we now know everyone. We know the story. We know the set up. We can just strap in and go. Since the first movie was a success they got a lot more money for the special effects... and this sure was the case.

It's not a perfect film. I thought there were some pacing problems, but DANG. Loved the characters, loved the relationship between Bobby and Rogue, loved the effects, loved seeing Wolvie go berzerk in the mansion, loved the confrontation between Bobbie and his parents, "Have you tried NOT being a mutant?" hee hee hee. LOVED Mystique. gurgle gurgle gurgle...and there's a shot of the two of them on the X-jet just hanging out and you get a glimpse of their relationship. She's more than a mere right hand man. They are utterly committed to their cause and each other. I don't know if it's sexual or not, (probably not the way she came on to Wolverine) but you just had to grin looking at the two of them. Poor Rogue. Hee hee hee.

Magneto, talk about a supremely confident man, and the guard...yeeeeef!

Yes. I LOVED it. Seeing it again tonight actually. Go see it. Go and gurgle. Go and be thrilled at the shot of Kitty dropping through her bed, running through the mansion and through a GUARD. Go see this film.

Off to gurgle some more...

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