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Woo hoo! Actual animation happened today. After a 2 hour meeting where we discussed where we were with our game. "Uh, I got nothin'."
Well, Paul and I had some characters rigged but it will be nice for the next one to actually have something to show off. Woo.

I also filled out a bunch of paperwork that makes me offically there. I opted for 100K of life insurance. I've got some bills. I've always told xenologueif I die I would pay her way through school all the way through to a PhD but apparently she doesn't need me dead to do that. Yay for both of us. (I'd still pitch in for braces though.)

Maybe it's a little morbid but I want to sit down with my folks (who would be the recipients of the `over my dead body' cash,) and tell them things I would like done...y'know...just in case. I would like a scholarship/mission fund set up for all nieces and nephews.

I would like to go over what hymns I would like played and the instrumentation therein. (I want them to push for something with brass, just to tweak the bishobric,) If I'm in an accident and there's like zippo chance of recovery and I've got the IQ of a dull turnip, I want the plug pulled. I want all my organs used up.

Am I morbid for thinking of stuff like this?

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