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Smartbomb: Day 1

So I had my first official day of work today at Smartbomb Interactive. I woke up bright and early and after breakfast went out into the blinding morning and walked to work. (This is part of several goals. With gas being through the roof and me still more than a few pounds heavier than I would like to be, I have decided to walk to and from work every day. There will be a few exceptions, but they are not the rule.) It's a little over 3 miles so it's actually quite a pleasant walk.
I guess I was a little ambitious arriving shortly before 9 because only Paul was there. Most people rolled in around 9:30 or 10:00.
I got my computer all set up, there was a company meeting (I was welcomed. Yay!) and for the rest of the day Paul and I worked on rigging up a character. It was a frustrating exercise to say the least. We figure by the time we get it all rigged (after 4 aborted attempts) we're both going to be pros.

It felt so RIGHT to be there. Even admid all the game lingo and boys toys, I felt more at home there than I did with a year and a half at the theater.

I feel more alive, more validated, more confident, more talented, more optmistic. I am a little shocked at how much a change in jobs has made me feel so radially different but I've decided to just go with it. It's not changing jobs, it's getting back to what I'm really supposed to be doing.

I have a lot to do in four months but I am excited about it. What a change. I am grateful.

I had a nice walk home and got a lot done at my cozy little apartment tonight. Lots of laundry. My apartment now smells like Gain and open air. I wish my deck were big enough I could sleep out on it tonight.

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