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I KNEW it.

gigiss once took pogo101 into a changing room for some "fun"!
proof has an invisible friend. They're dating.
purplerebecca has embezzled over $9,000,000 from work, and spent it all on their paramour, pogo101!
firynze and xenologue run a bordello in Soho. grof and mortuus are blackmailing them.
asathena knows the truth about mortuus and phineas_bogg.
proof had better clear their internet cache before cooner comes home.

Enter your username to dish the dirt on your friends!

Actually I quake in fear about the sort of bordello xenologue and firynze would run. Any classic Latin or Greek bordello would be...well, frankly, quite popular.
And I wonder what sort of truth asathena would know about phineas_bogg. Sigh. I was really missing him today. It was roughly this time of year that I took him down with me to visit my sister.

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