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At my sisters and I have had a Great Big Fun Day. Sooze had to leave early for an eye appointment so the kids and I went for a wagon ride. We didn't get very far running into a free kids art fair and decided to stay. It was really crowded and the only thing that didn't require a huge commitment of time was face painting. S was hilarious though, insisting his mom would be mad if he got his face painted. He glowered at more than one face painter and face paintee, insisting to the open air, "We do NOT paint on ourselves!" I sensed he was probably delivering a lecture he had once been given after unwisely drawing on himself and tried to explain that for fairs it was okay and actually fun but he would have none of it.

We decided to go home and wait for her to come back. When she did one of the first things he asked was if she would be mad if he got his face painted at the fair and seemed a little shocked when she told him it was okay. He then started plotting what he wanted...a blue whale naturally. I figured if the face painters there couldn't do it, I'd be able to. Ah, advantages of an art education. I will forever be able to impress my niece and nephews. Heh.

After a few errands we went back to the art fair only to discover...they were bringing it to a close. I felt horrible but the kids handled it pretty well. I did indeed wind up painting a whale on one cheek and krill on the other for S and a pretty pink unicorn (she's SUCH a girl) for O. Big H was just content to be there. He's such a trooper.

Deciding we had NOT had enough Big Fun we headed to the annual carnival. Sooze had promised the kids they would get to go and ride the swings and so off we went. O was hilarious with her Lilo wide mouth and H had a major thrill getting to ride the cars, working both steering wheels. I love being an aunt.

This evening after Sooze went on her date I got the kids bathed and in bed and sat down to watch the last of the weeks ceremonies with President Reagan. I got to watch snippets of the morning's service at the National Cathedral and fought back a few tears. Tonight however without the distraction and noise of children I was able to sit down and properly grieve for the president I grew up with.

Tonight I got to grieve and really lost it seeing Nancy, who has held herself together so well, break down over his casket and seeing her children swiftly surround her. Hers has been a thankless task the last 10 years taking care of the love of her life and seeing him stolen from her, bit by bit. So many people, so much of the press were so ruthless to her during the White House years, so many nasty comments, I wonder what she thinks now about all the pomp and circumstance and courtesy being shown to her. I suspect she doesn't really think about the irony of it right now. I bet she just misses her Ronnie. I wonder if it will smack her tonight with it all over. Eventually her children will get back to their lives and she will be alone.

I wonder if she will step back into the public light with a more public call for stem cell research or if she will quietly retire and (I suspect) slip away to join her Ronnie.

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