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Farewell to the Gipper

I had vague memories of Carter, but Reagan was pretty much my first president.

I remember in second grade our class had a mock election in November and Reagan won. I voted for him because his first name matched my dads and there was something about jelly beans. I was seven.

I remember hearing that he had been shot. I remember hearing a joke he had cracked with the doctors before he passed out, "I hope you're all Republicans!" I didn't really understand political parties but how could you not love a guy who could crack jokes under such extreme circumstances.

I remember when during a debate he cracked a joke about not allowing Mondale's youth and inexperience to be a factor in the election, effectively ending all criticism about his age with a brilliant wiseccrack.

I remember when the Challanger blew up. I remember him demanding to Gorbechev to "tear down this wall."

I remember reading his retirement letter telling the nation he had Alzheimers and was going into private life. I believe I was 19.

I grew up with President Reagan.

I wish we had more presidents like him.

I wish his family well.

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