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...and here I sit...

...on my folks recliner with vicks vapor rub all over and a warm washcloth on my chest. My cat is on my feet and the Nyquil is kicking in. I'm tired and sick folks, but I'm pretty happy. ('Scuse me a moment will I go hack up a lung. I've got orders to go and see a doctor on Wednesday. We'll see if it happens.)

I have at least one more full week at the movie theater before I kick in at Smart Bomb full time. In order to help out I'm going to be pitching in at the theater on the weekends for most of the month of June. I have ulterior motives. I wanna see Spider-Man for the employee screening. What can I say, I'm a sucker for the superhero in spandex.

It's weird folks. It's not quite real yet. The thing is, with every major job change it has been accompanied with an extreme change in locale. Quit my job, went on a mission, quit my job, went to school in Canada, graduated from school, moved to Seattle. This is doing a serious 180 return to my career...and the studio is 2 blocks from the theater!

I'm excited though, seriously. I'm sure I will be crazy busy there and believe me when I say I understand crunch time, but I just can't imagine I will be going home at 3 AM on a regular basis, y'know? This means I get to bike to and from work! This means I can not be exhausted before I have to drag my sorry but out of bed in order to go to work. This means better gym time in the morning. I'm tired of only my sister and my brother being able to brag about their ever improving physiques. ( Like I've told a few of my friends. I refuse to be the fat Atwood kid.;) Moo. For Harry Potter I may wear my nice silk shirt and leather pants. Check me out! rrarr and all that!)

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