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It was rather slow at the theater the other day which wasn't a suprise at all. The weather has been around 65 degrees, sunny and all around spring gorgeous. Anyone who would want to come sit in a dark theater when they could be out enjoying the sun is a moron.

Anyway, with the weather being so slow I opted to be sent home early and it turned out to be a very good thing. The magic family freezer decided it had fulfilled the measure of it's creation and died. It's kind of a flukey thing Mom discovered it. It's really hard to tell initially a freezer has died because it takes a long time for things to thaw out. However she had purchased some creamies a few days earlier and noticed they were a bit soft the night before. So, the next morning when she checked them, everything else FELT rather cold and hard, but the new creamies were turning to pudding.

We got that freezer RIGHT before her back surgery and while we joke it is the freezer of Elijah (always magically full) sometimes I wonder if there is a bit of truth to it. Maybe the family fortunes will be changing for the dramatically better. I joked at mom, "Elijah has left the building!" Elijah left the widow, and we don't really know WHAT her aftermath story was, but we DO know the famine ended for the land.

So, she was off to buy a new freezer and it was up to Lawrence and I to quickly dig out the old freezer, put everything in boxes and wait for the new freezer to arrive.

While unpacking Lawrence's friend Terence came by and said, "So, did you hear they found Elizabeth Smart?"

I was prepared to hear how they found a tooth and a hand or something in an canyon but then he added, "Alive."

We rather gaped at him and thought he was setting up a tasteless joke but it turned out he was quite serious.

We couldn't believe it and turned on the news...and every channel that was the breaking news. Strange. They found her in SANDY? There are so many questions and I think the general public isn't going to like a lot of the answers that I think are going to shake out of all the investigations that are going to be happening but it really is a bit of a miracle.

When the days turned to weeks turned to months, I really thought she was off in a shallow grave somewhere and for her sake I hoped it had happened within hours of being kidnapped. She's never going to be the same, she's never going to live a perfectly normal life...but then again, who truly does? I wondered what her first thought would be the next day when she wakes up at home...home with her family.

I can't help but think it might be a little bit what it is like returning home from a mission. (I'm NOT comparing a mission to being kidnapped,) but the sudden shock of going from one life to another...where all your friends and family have been missing you, are delighted you are home and don't understand or relate to anything you have been through or done, I think that is very applicable.

I wondered when I very first got home...I wondered if the entire year and a half had been a dream. Did it really HAPPEN? You have these memories, but there were times I spoke a little bit of spanish to myself just to reassure myself I had indeed been gone.

I'm glad she's back.

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