Jett (jatg) wrote,

Uh, thanks...?

They created a new award to be given out to a team member of each department once a month. Guess who the new "Fishmonger" is for Box Office? Uh, thanks?

Makes me laugh when all of the `prizes' are just left over movie spiff and flair that none of the managers want. I myself got a "Matrix Reloaded" notebook. It has green paper and a hologram cover. Yay for me and my good customer service.

HR also had a mandatory breakfast/event for both theaters this morning. It was a rather cheezy event full of extremely poor homemade movies and bad breakfast food. Oversoaked, undercooked Wonder Bread does NOT French toast make, no matter how hard you try to disguise it with cold maple syrup.

Apparently our customer service slogan is "Fish." (no, I'm not making this up.) It doesn't stand for anything. Somebody saw the fellows at Pike's Place Market in Seattle throwing fish around and thought "Wow, those guys look happy at work. I want our employees happy at work." Hence, Fish. Get it? Makes me want to try juggling carp in the lobby.

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