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Last night at the theater we had a lady stagger out of theater #3 , complaining she did not feel well at ALL. She was rather devoid of color, and it was obvious something was wrong. We got her into our break room to lay down, called the paramedics as per her request and then also per her request went back into theater 3 to try and find her husband and son.
Joey was the one who finally tracked them down and delivered the message. He said the guy barely even looked at him, instead being rivited by Hugh Jackman taking on Dracula. Joey and I left the theater and I was agog we weren't being followed by this guy and their 13 year old son.
For over an hour this woman was in our breakroom, surrounded by paramedics and her husband stayed until the END OF HIS MOVIE.
When he finally DID come out, he didn't seem to be remotely concerned. I took him back to his wife (by then the paramedics were gone, having determined she didn't need a trip to the hospital (and I'm not sure what exactly was wrong) and they left shortly thereafter.

Today is mother's day...and he couldn't be bothered enough to leave his cheezy movie. And what a TERRIFIC message for their son. Hey boy! Ma ain't as important as a flicker!

Am I alone in finding this behavior absolutely unbelievable?

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