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Naked Tuesdays & my Ghetto Book

Rather than use my nice homemade sketchbook which for the time being has gone missing and is making me more than a little sick with the loss of it, I used what I charmingly refer to as my "ghetto book." It too is a homemade sketchbook, except the paper inside is obtained from left over napkin bag wrappers from the theater. It's just brown paper, the same kind of paper than a brown paper bag is made from.
It's got a nice tooth to it, but my ghetto book looks well, rather ghetto. I have gone on to work on other ghetto books, even going so far as to iron out the paper but this one, well, that'll explain why the look of this weeks drawings are so ...ghetto. Have I said that word enough? Ghetto. What on earth is the origin for that word anyway?

And yes, I played around with Photoshop for this first one, but only to damp down the brown paper so the drawing would show up better. This was a 5 minute gesture.
Click my head

...and the long pose. Actually I only spent about 25 minutes on this one.
Click my head

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