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So my poor laptop is back in the shop. When I got it back I noticed it was taking longer and longer to boot up and the other night it simply refused to start up at all.
When I took it to Mac Docs I gave them the quick recap on what had been going on, the new logic board, how Apple had wiped out everything of mine and how there was now stuff on the hard drive that I simply could NOT afford to lose.

They pulled out a firewire hard drive and tried to run some diagnostics all to no avail.

"Hmmm," they said. "Something is really wrong with your hard drive. You're probably going to have to have it replaced."


I left it with them to work on some more and to be called with any future developments and fortunately it didn't take long.

They had backed everything up, (HOORAY!) and got a new hard drive in, courtesy of Apple, (again with the HOORAY!) but when they booted it up they noticed some moniter flickering...(!!!??!?) and after a few more diganostics determined my BRAND NEW LOGIC BOARD HAD GONE OUT!!!

So...back to Apple it has to go. I'm more than a little upset. After all, with all this freelance work that is finally starting to come my way, this is my bread and butter here!

Fortunately I have a compassionate sister so I picked up my backed up files and finished some of my projects at her house.

But I'm going to be out a computer for probably another THREE WEEKS! Upset much? Nah...ME?

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