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Rescuing Edward: In which I ramble on about cats.

There has been a grey cat who has been lurking about my sister's house the last few monhs. Extremely friendly, extremely thin, extremely hungry and thirsty...I thought it was the neighbor's cat, just awfully neglected. He had no collar, he hadn't been fixed. He always seemed to be slightly beat up, probably from fights that start from cats that haven't been fixed yet. St00pid st00pid irresponsible pet owners!

Every time I went down to visit I just felt more and more sorry for the guy. My sister and her kids really wanted to keep him except her husband is highly allergic. My sister would let him in the basement when it was cold but they just couldn't full on adopt him in. It seems all the neighbors were feeding him a little thinking he belonged to someone else. More than likely, with his sudden appearance upon the neighborhood someone dumped him. I can't imagine ever doing anything so inhumane! Just trying to imagine the confusion a poor animal would feel makes me furious!

We decided he would be a perfect pet for Grandma Atwood.

So yesterday afternoon when I was done working on my animation project I gave each of the kids a hug, scooped up the cat (dubbed Edward by my sister) placed him in a cardboard box with a towel on the bottom and headed back to Salt Lake.
I had to make a pit stop for my animation tutorial at Smart Bomb and while there let him out. Everybody there adored him and he loved roaming about and jumping into laps. I guess he's a larger cat though nowhere near Beowulf size. He is a foggy grey, almost blue and his build reminds me of a Russian Blue. He is long legged and long tailed with shimmering gold eyes amid all the grey. Quite striking.

It was good to see how terrific he was with people...especially after having been stuffed in a box for nearly an hour. He's extremely well tempered.
After my tutorial (which went GREAT! More modeling and early texturing,) I headed to Farmington.

I was a bit anxious. My poor mom is recoving from knee surgery, I didn't know how well Edward and Beowulf would get along, but fortunately for me, my mom is as softhearted as all the rest of us. Or rather, we are as soft hearted as she is.
Anyway, she helped get him settled in the former blue room for the night, she petted him a lot, cooing at what a pretty boy he was.

I made an appointment for Monday morning to get him neutered and that hopefully will ease up on the hostility he has shown Beowulf. Wulfie just seems curious about this other cat.

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