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Could I BE any more dead sexy?

Well sure...but boy I'm on my way! Rrarr! YES.

HOWEVER... I about had a giddy siezure this afternoon. I took a break from my animation and looked at my leather pants which were neatly folded by my desk. (I keep them out so I continue to be motivated.)

`Hmmm,' I sez to self. `I know I have been losing a lot of weight', (it's true folks. Every day when I look in the mirror happened, and when I step on the scale roughly once or twice a week my eyes bug out seeing that needle going down,) but lets see just how much.

So I put on my leather pants and gaping to myself, I reach down and zip them up and then BUTTON THEM.

Okay folks, this is HUGE. This is incredibly incredibly huge. These pants are a size 10! Yes, I still have a ways to go...and yes, there is a roll of fat that pokes over the buttoned pants...but it's not as big as it was last summer when I managed to get into my pants and it's going down every day.

While gaping at myself in the mirror and IMing wykhurst and fallenpegasus crowing about my success the phone rang. It was Sunstone telling me to get my butt over and pick up a check for some recent cartoons (they bought all of the new ones except for the one I posted on Sunday. They thought it was a little soft.)

"Heh." I thought to myself. So I threw on my tight little batman shirt with the glow in the dark logo, pulled my hair back, put on a black baseball hat, my combat boots and sunglasses and stepped outside.

And I must say. It was pretty interesting walking around in public in that get up. Hence the title of this post. True, I felt more like I was playing dress up than anything...but as long as you fake it, everyone else will believe you. I stepped into the movie theater just to see how my team members would react...and I was not disappointed. There was much gaping and "Dang, Jett! You look GOOD girl!" Yessshhhhh.....

So, munchies, begone! Tempt me not Dr. Pepper! I do not enjoy you as much as I do strolling around in leather pants. Mmmm...leather pants.

Go me!

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