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Naked Tuesdays through the ages...(okay, the last few weeks.)

Back by popular demand. Well, since I've been demanding my laptop back and getting everything running again, anyway. Woo hoo!

March 9th
This was a 20 minute piece
Giles' head

March 30th
Some 5 minute gesture of the model drawn in my new homemade sketchbook (and boy is THAT turning into a fun hobby!). I think I'm starting to be able to draw more accurately and yet retain the gesture in my quick drawing.
Giles' Gestures

April 6th
Hands down on the the coolest gestures I've ever drawn! She was reclined on a very large inflatable ball with her arm draped over a low hung pole. She's one of the most incredible models I've ever seen! It's like she just pours herself into poses! Man, I sure wish she could have held it longer. As is I had about 4 minutes! D'oh!!
April on a ball

April 13th
BREAKTHROUGHS! It totally looks like her! Yay that my portraits are coming togther. I know, I rather messed up the feet. She's the the CRAZIEST feet though! They're like Tarzans. I swear they have no bones!
Sleepy April

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