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I called Chris this morning and begged for another week. I guess we're even.

It was really hard and frustrating when I realized I spent over half of the time on the project just dealing with stupid technical much time on the phone trying to track down copies of various programs... getting stuff I already had to work... THREE HOURS just to install a stupid scanner driver!!! More than slightly the no sleepy.

So last night when I finally got a copy of Premiere (for PC no less,) I sat down to assemble everything knowing I was already a few quarts beyond empty...and when I was done... it just didn't ....look good. I crawled out of my dads studio upstairs to the guest bedroom in a bit of a stupor.

I know I am my own worst critic but so many things weren't working and I was just too tired to think of better solutions. Another week to work on them should be more than enough.

On the continuing encouraging news front, when I talked to Chris this morning he asked if Craze Entertainment had gotten a hold of me. Ummm, no? They are another client of Team Oxygen and I guess they were talking about how they want a little animated mascot for various events doing different things but they just didn't know who could do stuff like that.



They showed her Tea for Two (she was properly impressed) and my phone number. So THAT'S cool. Likeolly_q tells me, freelance work tends to begets work. I need to find somebody that I can rely on to help scan and color so all my allocated time on a project isn't spent doing THAT.

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