Jett (jatg) wrote,

Battle picked...

So I caused quite a stir today at work. The HR department previously had
decided it'd be peachy keen to have interviews on payday and withhold your paycheck until you had an interview with them. The more I thought about this the more it chafed. When pestered by my supervisors about signing up for a time I mildly told them I wasn't going to participate.

They all thought I was kidding. (They had every right to, I kid on just about everything.) It started to dawn on a few people that I was serious especially when one of my managers gave me the task of calling people that hadn't signed up to schedule them in for a time. I think he got it when I catagorically refused.

It all came to a head yesterday when THE theater manager came bustling in with the sign up sheet and slapped it down in front of me to get my signature. I did a few inward gulps but stuck to my guns and told him I preferred not to.

He tried to explain to me that the feedback they get from employees is really important, sometimes people aren't comfortable going to their leads with problems, etc...

...which I told him I understood, I just deeply resented the tactics. "Why should I have to jump through another hoop to get something that is already mine to begin with?"

He seemed so taken aback...I mean out of all the employees that he thought would throw a fit about this, I'm sure I was nowhere near the top of the list. I'm hardworking, I don't make waves, everyone gets along with me, guests love I'm not an employee he has to worry about.

He tried to explain to me again why they do the interviews. "This way we know what people are thinking, if there are any problems..."

"If I had any problems I would let you know." I told him. "That's not the point. You legally can't withhold my paycheck. You have no right to make me go in and have an interview I don't want to have in order to collect something that is already mine to begin with." I kept my tone very mild and non confrontational. "Do you see my point?"

"Yes," he said, "...but the interviews are really important for the employees..."

"I appreciate that," I told him again. "I have nothing to say. If I had any problems I would let you know."

"Yes," he said, "But some employees won't."

"Look," he said trying another tactic. "When were you planning on picking up your paycheck anyway? You could just go in and say, `I'm fine, it's all good! Gimme my paycheck.'"

"That's not the point," I responded. "It's the principle of the thing."

Anyway, the conversation went round and round and I found (hey a rhyme!) it got easier and easier to say no. By the time we were done, I was feeling self confident. I wasn't going to sign that thing and nothing he said was going to compel me to do so.

I feel pretty great about it actually. I'm not a complainer and I don't think I have many soapboxes but I'm rather passionate about the ones I do have.

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