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Makes me hate him even more...

BJ's boss at Calabash went out to California to visit someone who works at Pixar over the Easter weekend. While there, the friend told the boss a story that John Lassiter had mentioned about Michael Eisner. The story was so horrible that BJ and I were both a little dubious as to it's veracity. It must be the friend of a friend phenomenon right?

It turns out that in the retelling, the only thing that got altered was the age of the trees.

Now, more so than the average joe and certainly animator I've got a soft spot for olive trees, Jacob 5 being my most favorite chapter in the Book of Mormon so yes, I'm extremely passionate about this one, and for you Disneyland regulars that haven't been for a while...

brace yourself...

My question...WHY is this man still in power?!?

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